About Us

About Grace
For Vets

Grace For Vets was founded in 2003 by Mike Mountz. As a veteran and car wash operator in Pennsylvania, his mission has always been to give back to veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country.

This nonprofit organization is made up of thousands of participating car washes in the United States and abroad that give free car washes to veterans and active-duty personnel each Veterans Day.

& Vision

The mission of Grace For Vets is to honor veterans by providing them free car washes on Veterans Day every year. This program invites all car washes across the country, and even other countries, to join us in the effort to give back.

Our Story

Mike Mountz started Grace For Vets, a free car wash program for veterans and active-duty personnel on Veterans Day that started in 2003. After having served in the United States Army, Mike wanted to give back and show his thanks by creating an actionable organization. This mission started with one participating wash and has grown to over 4,000 in four countries. As of 2022, over 3.5 million cars have been washed. 

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